Twitter #FollowFriday Professional Land Surveyor Recommendations

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Twitter #FollowFriday Professional Land Surveyor Recommendations

Here are this week's Twitter #FollowFriday Professional Land Surveyor Recommendations:

Lyme_Warrior@Lyme_Warrior - Misdiagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis for 10-years, Jo-Ann reassessed her condition, care, and treatment, taking the bold step of questioning her supposed "health care" and sought alternate (but logical) explanations for what was happening to her. Long story short, Jo-Ann has recently been diagnosed with Lyme Disease, rather than Rheumatoid Arthritis. Now she is a Lyme Warrior and the driving force behind the new and innovative, an informative website, social network, forum, and support network for all Lyme Warriors.

artpetty@artpetty - Arts Twitter Bio says,  "I help professionals develop as senior contributors & I help firms solve vexing problems in marketing & strategy. Management & Leadership author/blogger/mentor". This week I read a brilliant article Art wrote and posted a linkt to his article here: Leadership Caffeine-Give Your People Room to Run | Management Excellence.

CADRelations@CADRelations - CAD Relations website is an "Engineers Online Portal" for CAD, Engineering, Architecture, Community, Motorsports and Design, including Autodesk and Bentley software, which they proudly shout from the rafters "that is what we love and live for!!" I love the passion that they bring to the industry. Check out their AutoCAD Back to the Basics: Opening drawings by Drag'n Drop post.

wkfd@wkfd - WKFD is the Twitter account for the Kung Fu Drafter blog. They are drafters and geeks trying to share information with people with similar interests. I highly recommend visiting The Kung Fu Drafter blog, as it is a fun site and full of information too! It's an older post, but a good one, so visit The Kung Fu Drafter to read the CAD: Untie Your Favorite Commands from the Map 3D 2010 Ribbon ... blog post.

iPinda@iPinda - Edward's Twitter bio says "CAD specialist, AutoCAD trainer and Civil 3D addict" and if you visit his Civil 3D Peanuts blog, you'll discover that he's also a part-time freelance AutoCAD trainer and full time CAD application administrator for an international AEC company. If you get a chance, read his How to deploy Inventor 2010 with SAP and SP3 blog post.

Indydrafter@Indydrafter - Bryan is a knowledgeable resource for CAD tips, tricks, jobs, news, and is "The Indypendent Autodesk Resource!" If you get a chance visit his website and blog,, which is chock-full-of Autodesk information. Do check out Bryan's Rand Worldwide and Avatech Solutions Merger post about the merging of Value Added Resellers (VAR) Rand Worldwide and Avatech Solutions.

C3DReminders@C3DReminders - Christopher's Twitter bio says "Civil 3D Blogger, Civil Engineer" -right to the point, I like that. If you get a chance, read is his post, Autodesk 3ds Max Design Training - Day Three and for fun also read Jelly Belly Factory Tour - Fairfield, CA and Budweiser Factory Tour - Faifield, CA - Who knew factories could be so fun!

JohnEvansDesign@JohnEvansDesign - John's Twitter bio says "Autodesk Inventor and Civil 3D professional dedicated to new and cutting edge uses for the Autodesk Design platforms". This week I enjoyed his post, Civil 3D – Remember Command Changes Tip, and I think you will too. I found this to be a very helpful tip, and I think that you will, too.

thecadgeek@thecadgeek - Donny's Twitter Bio says, "Author of AutoCAD No Experience Required, member of the AUGI Board of Directors, blogger, and all around GEEK". You can visit his website and read his informative blog, The CAD Geek, which has a lot of useful information there. This week he wrote a nice post called AutoCAD Optimization Tip: Updating the Certified Hardware Database.

KSA_Engineers@KSA_Engineers - KSA Engineers are located in Longview, Texas and their Twitter Bios says, "KSA Engineers, Inc. is a consulting engineering firm providing a broad range of engineering, planning, and surveying services". They have a very good website you should visit at Their tweets are filled with informative industry updates and links.

haubert@haubert - Assis's Twitter Bio says, "CAD Technician, Consultant, Book Author & more 😉 Autodesk AutoCAD Certified Professional 2009 & 2010". You can visit his website , Good tweets, some in Portugues, which I find very interesting - and no I neither speak nor read Portuguese - it's just interesting and fun to (try to) read.

ryanpconnolly@ryanpconnolly - Ryan is a Civil Engineering student and interesting person to follow on Twitter. He's also an early riser (inside joke) and, apparently, not a big fan of cross trainers or running shoes. I hear that he dislikes crocs, also.

That's a wrap!

So there you go, this weeks Twitter Follow Friday Professional Land Surveyor recommendations. Feel free to follow me on Twitter, I'm @EricColburn. Have a brilliant weekend and here's to seeing you on the web!

Eric D. Colburn, PLS, "The Geo-Business Innovator", helps geo-professionals improve through innovative solutions, mastery of marketing and business growth strategies, and coaching/training. Eric is a successful, serial entrepreneur, podcaster, industry writer, product development consultant, and RI licensed professional land surveyor.

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