The Importance of a LAND SURVEY | Duluth News Tribune | Duluth, Minnesota

Read this article about the Importance of a Land Survey written by Ron Krueger, RLS., I found in the Duluth News Tribune in Minnesota:

First, it's great to see some positive press that helps to build-up the professional land surveyor and inform the public about what a professional land surveyor does.

Second, I'd like to congratulate and thank Ron Krueger, RLS, for taking the initiative, and doing a great job at it, too.

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Eric D. Colburn, PLS, "The Geo-Business Innovator", helps geo-professionals improve through innovative solutions, mastery of marketing and business growth strategies, and coaching/training. Eric is a successful, serial entrepreneur, podcaster, industry writer, product development consultant, and RI licensed professional land surveyor.

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One comment on “The Importance of a LAND SURVEY | Duluth News Tribune | Duluth, Minnesota
  1. I agree. It’s worth highlighting Ron’s point regarding the cost – “A good survey that meets your needs and legal requirements may cost more but will be less expensive in the long run”.
    You get what you pay for in this industry. The surveyor’s costs will reflect how professional, qualified and experienced they are.