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PROFESSIONAL LAND SURVEYOR SURVEY-Looking Forward to 2010 or Glad to See 2009 Go?

In this week’s PROFESSIONAL LAND SURVEYOR SURVEY I’m asking the question: Looking Forward to 2010 or Glad to See 2009 Go? I ask this question both from a land surveying industry perspective and from a personal perspective. I’m sure that from

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illy caffe – Finest Italian Coffee

So, OK, I have a coffee problem-I admit it, which I hear is the first step. While I enjoy great quality coffee, I’ll drink any as long as it’s hot (can’t stand cold coffee, but love coffee ice cream). Illy says it’s the

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Enjoy Grilled Pizza this weekend

Now that the weekend is here I would like to go a little off course (And why not? You’ve all worked very hard this week and have earned a little rest and relaxation with your family) and make a recommendation for a little

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