Surveyor’s Saturday Serendipity: Funny Urban Dictionary Surveyor Definition

What is the point?In this week's installment of Surveyor’s Saturday Serendipity I'd like to share a funny Urban Dictionary surveyor definition that a friend posted on Facebook.

It is, however, a little inappropriate at times, so be warned.

There's also a definite anti-engineer slant that should be taken in the spirit of good-natured ribbing that was intended (I hope). I can assure you that surveyors love engineers, too!

Because of of the definition's edginess, I'll not post them all here (and even only parts that I can), so follow the link below and come back to leave a comment.

1. A god like person that is infinitely more cunning than an engineer but unlike engineers actually have developed the social skills of an 'A' list celeb.
2. A typical Surveyor uses all manner of cool robotic instruments, laser scanners, electronic measuring devices, high end computer programs and a beat up old 4WD.
3. A Typical Surveyor is better than a 'mans best friend' makes..."

Read the entire Urban Dictionary Surveyor Definition here.

End of Urban Dictionary survey definition one-liner:

"The Surveyors surveyed that (whatever object you want) and made a 3D digital image of it. Thanks Survey!!"

However, I think the following comment on this funny Urban Dictionary survey definition may be even funnier:

He/she who surveys and quantifies materials and labor on civil engineering and construction contracts.
Usually with no actual knowledge of engineering or construction practices.
Known to have poor numerical skills.
Can turn a $100 job into a $100000 without explanation.
Never ask a surveyor to explain figures, go study quantum physics, its easier to understand.
Often aggressive individuals.
by AndyB368 March 22, 2007"

That's all, have a great weekend!

- Eric

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