Survey-Should AIG Employees get Bonuses?



Should AIG employees get bonuses?

I'm not sure why AIG employees working (?) for a company that would be bankrupt without our hard earned paid taxes would deserve a bonus! If you've got the nerve to ask for and receive a bonus when you screwed-up the company in the first place, then you are a despicable excuse for a human being and deserve to go to jail. It's fraud plain and simple, says me. And while I understand that crooks, like the people who ran AIG, have no shame in stealing another person's money, it's ultimately our politicians' fault for this mess!

How is it possible to get a base bonus of millions when the company is failing. Think about this. These AIG employees, from what I understand, took a salary of $1 in exchange for performance bonuses at the end of the year. As their performance was dismal and their only success was to exist for a one year period of service (or lack thereof), then these bonuses must be based upon complete and utter failure as an outcome. Imagine how much these AIG employees would have earned (I use this term loosely) if they performed successfully!

Regardless of the hubris displayed by AIG, I, for once, would like to see our politicians' stand up and admit that a lot of the financial crises and mismanaged recovery efforts, is their fault. In my opinion, it's time for every single one of our politicians' to step down, join the unemployment lines, and let's start over with all new politicians. They're all the same, but with a whole new set of politicians it will take them a while to screw things up and figure out how to screw us, the taxpayers.

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Should AIG Employees get Bonuses?

  • No, they've leached enough off of us! (46%, 11 Votes)
  • No, and it's our politicians' fault for this mess! (46%, 11 Votes)
  • Yes, their work speaks for itself! (8%, 2 Votes)

Total Voters: 24

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