Survey Hand Signals Video

Survey Hand Signals Video

Survey Hand Signals Video

Here's a very good video showing how to use hand signals as "an efficient and productive survey communication tool for Construction job-sites."

It's been a few years since I've used hand signals while land surveying, particularly since going solo with a robotic total station (hand slapping forehead when doing, or observing, something dumb doesn't count), but I agree that hand signals are very efficient for field communications during layout surveying.

Watch the Survey Hand Signals Video


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One comment on “Survey Hand Signals Video
  1. It’s a fact that a two-way radio can lose its charge, be temporarily lost, or forgotten in the truck or at the office. This video demonstrates the value in being prepared for such a situation in advance. Don’t wait until one of your radios malfunctions or becomes lost to have a backup system of communication in place that requires no batteries. Traditional survey crew hand signals are not difficult to learn or use, however it matters less which system of bodily gestures is used than that the brains at both ends of the measurement are effectively “speaking” the same “language”. Agree on a system and practice it while your radios are working so that questions can be asked and answered verbally, if necessary. Obviously, good system of gestures has far less potential for failure than the handheld two-way radio system of communication. In my experience, the worst form of interference with gesture communication has come in the form of insects. Perhaps bug spray could be more important to a survey crew than radios. 🙂

    Scott D. Warner, R.L.S.
    Senior Director / Editor
    Land Surveyors United