Robotics are better for whom when no humans need apply?

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As technology is used in ever-increasing ways in our personal and work lives, one has to think and worry about how much longer the value of your work will be needed and at what level of compensation, if any.

Adoption of the many disruptive advances in technologies here today or foreseeable in the near future regularly result in faster, cheaper and safer solutions. But, who will be the greatest winners and loser in the battle for better-than-human productivity vs. gainful - and financially sufficient (or better)- employment?

Do you worry about the possibility that technology will likely replace you at work? Watch the Humans Need Not Apply video below and think about the changes we are presently seeing and will see.

So, with robotic total station land surveying equipment, UAV/drones, remote sensing and all the other bells and whistles of advanced, disruptive technologies available within your professional land surveying practice, you need to ask yourself this: robotics are better for whom when humans need not apply?

This is not a question of what lies ahead for all land surveyors in the future. Without a doubt, technology will trump human labor time and time again.

Don't you think the bigger question to ask is as professionals, what should professional land surveyors be doing to prepare for the eventuality of less human labor, while building their (profitable) practices and furthering the knowledge transfer and training required to be a professional land surveyor?

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