Professional Land Surveyor Weekly Roundup March 18, 2012


Spring's Peeptoad

I don't usually write very much in these Professional Land Surveyor Weekly Roundups, but it's useful to stop what you're doing every once and awhile to reflect. The week that was is over, but the chest cold that is, remains.

In my reflections on this past week, I've noticed the following three areas of business and professional importance:

1. Going Solo Leaves You No Backup When You're Not Feeling Well

The first lesson of this week is that while going solo, as a professional land surveyor, is rewarding, being solo, by its very nature, leaves no backup for when you're not feeling well. What I did learn this week, however, is that short bursts of focused productivity can still get a lot accomplished.

While I was not able to write very much this week, I was able to create some great courses for the Professional Land Surveyor Learning Center and a special Premium Member's Video series. I'm putting the finishing touches on these today, and they'll be available early this week.

2. AutoCAD Civil 3D Has A Lot Of Land Surveyors Baffled

Second, this week I had an AutoCAD Civil 3D epiphany on how best to consult with land surveyors switching over to Civil 3D. This (obvious) realization (slapping head, saying DUH) came to me while working with a land surveyor struggling to use AutoCAD Civil 3D in his professional practice. AutoCAD Civil 3D has a lot of land surveyors baffled, and I now know how to best get you using AutoCAD Civil 3D productively. The answer lies in a more holistic learning and setup approach and I'll be publishing an article later this week (look for link here) with details on my Work With Me page, specifically on the AutoCAD Civil 3D page.

3. Time Waits For No One and Spring Arrives Early

Third, time marches on and waits for no one. Luckily, this Winter was extraordinarily nice and Spring came early his year. After last year's brutal Winter and miserable Spring, the mild Winter and early Spring temp's are very welcome. I snapped the picture above of a Peeptoad I found the last week in a wooded upland swamp. I do not remember ever finding, or hearing, Peeptoads this early in the year.

While the last four months have been some of the worst in the Great Recession around these parts, I remain hopeful that business will pick up significantly this year. Hope springs eternal!

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