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Professional Land Surveyor News

Saskatchewan Land Surveyors Association Celebrate 100 Years!

Yesterday despite inclement weather, according to, a large crowd gathered to celebrate the 100-year Anniversary of the Saskatchewan Land Surveyors Association.  A commemorative plaque, the third one to be added, was unveiled at Wascana Park on the Surveyor's Monument, originally built in 1967, near Pine Island.

The Saskatchewan Land Surveyors Association (SLSA) is rightfully proud in marking 100-years of being:

"entrusted with the stewardship and standards of the legal survey profession with responsibility for the establishment, re-establishment and maintenance of survey monuments defining the Provincial Cadastre which serves as a basis for the Torrens Land Registration System in the province providing the foundation for land tenureship and virtually all development of land."

It was also noted that they've been doing this prior to Saskatchewan becoming a province.

Saskatchewan Land Surveyors Also Donated $6,000 to the Children's Hospital Foundation

Proving that Saskatchewan Land Surveyors are dedicated and caring professionals, committed to public and community service, kudos to the the group for also donated $6,000 to the Children's Hospital Foundation.

Ron Eichel, SLSA:

"Most of these people here have stood out in a lot of inclement weather doing their job. I think maybe they're looking for something to look through while they're standing here. But I think it's a true testament of how proud that the membership is that we've come to the 100th year mark, and we're going to be embarking on our next 100 years."

Congratulations to the Saskatchewan Land Surveyors Association on their 100-year anniversary, and may there be many more!

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