Professional Land Surveyor News: Retired British Quantity Surveyor and Wife Say Pirates Set ‘Deadline’ for Execution

Professional Land Surveyor News

Professional Land Surveyor News

Retired British Quantity Surveyor and Wife Say Pirates Set 'Deadline' for Execution.

British couple kidnapped by pirates while sailing off the east coast of Africa fear that they could be killed within days, the Times of London reported.

A retired quantity surveyor Paul Chandler and his wife Rachel Chandler sailing from Seychelles to Tanzania in their yacht, Lynn Rival, disappeared on October 23, 2009.

Kidnapped by pirates, both were beaten and separated. The couple has been allowed to talk over the phone with each other, but hasn't been allowed to do so in over 12 days.

Paul chandler, interview by ITV News broadcast Thursday night is quoted as saying that he was “just existing in hope”, and also went on to say, “I’m afraid that they will just kill us and abandon us in the desert here”.

It is reported that the pirates are moving the couple around Somalia and are demanding a £1.9 million ransom, a more than £2million reduction from earlier this month. The London Times reports, "There were unconfirmed reports before Christmas that the couple were on the verge of being freed for a $100,000 (£61,500) ransom, when the government blocked the deal". The pirates have set a deadline of three or four days and have threatened to kill the couple if their demands are not met.

In the following video, Rachel Chandler tells of the couple's ordeal and explains that the pirates do not understand that the British couple does not have the financial resources to pay this ransom.

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