Professional Land Surveyor News: Geospatial Consortium Implements Land Registry System in Anhui Province, China

Professional Land Surveyor News

Professional Land Surveyor News

Geospatial Consortium Implements Land Registry System in Anhui Province, China

BEIJING, CHINA -- International Land Systems (ILS), Inc. with the Anhui Agricultural Commission held a commencement meeting for the China Rural Land Certification and Registration Program, a technical assistance pilot project funded by the United States Trade and Development Agency (USTDA).

The project aims to allow Chinese residents in Anhui province's rural Feidong county to register farm plots and gain land lease certificates.  States Yang Zhao, Vice-Secretary for China's Center for Rural Development Policy, "The goal is to further protect farmers' rights by reducing uncertainty pertaining to land ownership, and by providing clearer and more complete information pertaining to designated land rights for farmers."  The Chinese government has set the policy framework to protect farmers' rights through the 11th Five Year Plan, but much work remains to survey individual farmers' plots and document individuals' ownership status.

The technology consortium, led by International Land Systems (ILS), Inc. and which includes ESRI China (Beijing), ESRI Canada, Trimble Navigation, and Beijing Landstar Digital Technology, has actively introduced, tested, and deployed land registration and survey solutions since 2007.  States Christopher Barlow, Project Manager, ILS Inc., "The objective is to apply international best practices, configure registry and geographic information systems for the local environment, and ultimately deliver an efficient yet cost-effective registry and survey solution."

With an estimated 800 million rural residents, the process of registering and surveying individual plots is a daunting task.  With funding from the USTDA, the project consortium under the direction of China's Center for Rural Development Policy, has engaged the Feidong county, Anhui province, and the Anhui Agricultural Commission, as an appropriate pilot site.

The project commencement meeting, hosted by the China Agricultural University, brought together representatives from the project consortium as well as government representatives from the Anhui provincial government and Feidong county goverment, to review and confirm key project milestones and goals.  The project pilot is expected to be completed by early 2011 with the goal to deliver a best-of-breed world class land registry with an integrated mapping system.


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