Professional Land Surveyor News: GeoEye Receives U.S. Government Contract Award for New Web Mapping Service

Professional Land Surveyor News

Professional Land Surveyor News

Professional Land Surveyor News: GeoEye Receives U.S. Government Contract Award for New Web Mapping Service

GeoEye, Inc., announced this week that it has signed a modification to a contract with the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) to provide Web mapping services under the NGA's Rapid Delivery of Online GEOINT (RDOG) program. This contract modification was made so that GeoEye can provide for Rapid Delivery of High-Resolution Commercial Satellite Imagery to Department of Defense Users.

GeoEye reports that this Web hosting and dissemination contract modification is in addition to ongoing production work being done under the RDOG contract originally awarded in June 2009 and under GeoEye's Service Level Agreement with the NGA.

About GeoEye

In this week's press release, GeoEye descibes itself as follows:

GeoEye, Inc. is an international information services company serving government and commercial markets. The Company is recognized as one of the geospatial industry's imagery experts, delivering exceptional quality imagery products, services and solutions to customers around the world. Headquartered in Dulles, Virginia, the Company has 534 employees, as of December 31, 2009, dedicated to developing best-in-class geospatial information products and services. GeoEye is a public company listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the symbol GEOY. The Company provides support to academic institutions and non-governmental organizations through the GeoEye Foundation ( Additional information about GeoEye is available at

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Who Uses GeoEye's Dissemination System?

GeoEye's dissemination system provides users secure access to unclassified, high-resolution color imagery of an entire country over the Web. The color imagery is acquired by the Company's GeoEye-1 Earth-imaging satellite and then disseminated in near real-time to a wide spectrum of users, including:

  • Forward-deployed U.S. military personnel.
  • Intelligence community personnel.
  • DoD map production staff.

GeoEye says that the dissemination system is compliant with Open Geospatial Consortium standards for geospatial and location-based information and Web mapping services.

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What GeoEye Had To Say:

Chris Incardona, GeoEye's director of Government Programs – NGA, commented, "The RDOG program is a natural extension of our core capability in delivering high-quality imagery products. This significant award to host near real-time satellite imagery and serve government users around the globe is a major step forward in providing end-to-end solutions. In the future, users should expect Web services to include sensor-agnostic source capabilities that integrate best-of-class industry standards and applications."

Brian O'Toole, GeoEye's chief technology officer, added, "This program illustrates the evolution in geospatial intelligence: collection, advanced production and dissemination are now offered in an integrated service delivered through a next-generation Web-services platform. We are pleased to have the opportunity to work closely with the NGA to advance the quality of the data products while enabling timely, on-demand access and delivery."

Professional Land Surveyor Source: GeoEye

You can follow the links to GeoEye's website and learn more about:

  • GeoEye itself.
  • GeoEye's Imagery Collection.
  • GeoEye’s Production Services Group.
  • GeoEye’s Information Management Services.
  • The GeoEye Foundation

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