NSPS Announces the Latest Certified Survey Technicians (CST) from Cycle III 2011

nsps_logo_newNSPS Announces the Latest Certified Survey Technicians (CSTs) from Cycle III (July, August, and September 2011)

About the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS) Certified Survey Technician certification program:

"The National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS) sponsors a comprehensive national certification program for survey technicians. The program is recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor as part of the National Apprenticeship Program and the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES). The Certified Survey Technician Board (CST Board), which administers this program, recognizes the importance of technicians to the surveying and mapping profession.

This four-level certification program for surveying technicians throughout the United States indicates official recognition by NSPS that a person has demonstrated that he or she is minimally competent to perform surveying tasks at a specified technical level. Certification provides the individual with a sense of achievement, since it reflects advancement in the field of surveying. Certification also provides employers with a method of determining job assignments and advancement since certification is an indication of one's ability to perform specific job tasks."

Professional Land Surveyor Source: NSPS - Certified Survey Technician

Congratulations to the following NSPS CST's!

  • Paul M. Arruda, MA, Level I
  • Alan W. Barrett, MA, Level I
  • Jeremy M. Burns, MD, Level II Field
  • James M. Buswell, MA, Level I
  • Steven P. Cantwell, MA, Level I
  • Anthony C. DeRivi, FL, Level I
  • Brian E. Dolan, FL, Level I
  • James M. Fischer, MI, Level IV Office Manager
  • Tucker H. Green, NM, Level I Entry
  • David A. Ham, FL, Level II Field
  • Richard S. Henning, FL, Level I
  • Travis T. King, NM, Level II Field
  • Ross W. Kokenge, NM, Level I
  • Donald L .Lambert, FL, Level III
  • Craig A. Lavoie, MA, Level I
  • Michael W. Lawless, AL, Level I
  • Sandra L. McGlasson, NM, Level I
  • Gregory S. Merideth, MO, Level I
  • William V. Nelson, MA, Level I
  • Jason E. Parker, TX, Level II Office
  • Eric Pellerin , MA, Level I
  • Ryan M. Phifer, DE, Level II Field
  • Steven R. Sanchez, NM, Level II Field
  • Jaken N. Taliman, AZ, Level II Field
  • Kanaan J. Thomas, MD, Level I
  • Samuel R. Vanderwarker, FL, Level I
  • Jennifer M. Vest, NM, Level I
  • Jeffrey B. Wallace, FL, Level IV Field Manager
  • Frank C. Wells, AZ, Level II Field
  • Terrance S. Young, WA, Level II Field
You can learn more about the National Society of Professional Surveyors Certified Survey Technician certification program here  »»NSPS - Certified Survey Technician

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