Motivational Monday: Don’t Forget To Have Fun! Bonus Video

Fun In The (Cold) Sun

Fun In The (Cold) Sun

Here’s the bonus video for Associate & Premium Members, which builds on the last video: Motivational Monday: Don’t Forget To Have Fun! You can watch the Motivational Monday video in that post.

Members OnlyIn this week's Motivational Monday episode, I move away from the nose-to-the-grindstone topics of late, and discuss how we need to make sure we're having some fun, too!

Watch the Motivational Monday Bonus Video: Don't Forget To Have Fun!

Fun & Recreation Is Necessary!

Losing site of what's important is easy to do when you're grinding out the hard work that you do. But, please keep in mind that fun and recreation is necessary, too!

I try to keep work fun - to a point and when possible - which helps break up the daily monotony that is part of every job description. This week, please try to "schedule" in some fun, even if it's business related.

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