Motivational Monday: Celebrate Your Daily Successes

Seeing is Deceiving

Seeing is Deceiving...So is Negativity!

In this new feature I want to start everyone's week off with some motivation for success in the week ahead. In this episode, I discuss how to build on positive experiences by celebrating your daily successes.

Too often, we are crippled by negativity and place our focus on what went wrong or wasn't finished on any given day.

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Spend Time Each Day Thinking, Planning and Recognizing What You're Doing Right!

This week, I want you to stop beating yourself up over things outside of your control, or tasks that you just didn't get to finish. First, things outside of your control are, well, outside of your control - so, while not ignoring them, do put their importance (or lack thereof) into perspective.

Then, if you didn't finish every task you planned on accomplishing, so what! Hey, it happens. The thing is, as long as you're moving forward and taking responsibility for your projects, nothing bad can happen if you just reschedule the remaining work for another time, like tomorrow.

Now, with a clear mind and slate, end each day by focusing on the positive and your daily successes. Your work and responsibilities will not seem like drudgery if you can stay focused on the positive!

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Motivational Monday: Celebrate Your Daily Successes Bonus Video

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