Land Surveying with the setting sun

Here are a few land surveying sunset pictures I took the other day.

You will notice that this site is nice and quiet, without much construction activity. This is because I was surveying from 4 pm until 8-8:30 pm because my client needed construction control immediately. I had made other commitments to other clients so I worked second shift, if you will, setting survey control at this site.

Besides making extra money, working after all the construction stopped and the construction workers went home left me with this nice quiet site with nothing and nobody in my way. These pictures where taken in Rhode Island, but the view you are looking at in the distance is Connecticut.

Land Surveying Sunset 1

Land Surveying Sunset 2

Land Surveying Sunset 3

Land Surveying Sunset 4

Land Surveying Sunset 5

Land Surveying Sunset 6

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