Land Surveying Challenge 0001

Land Surveying Challenge 0001

Land Surveying Challenge 0001

Welcome to Land Surveying Challenge 0001. This land surveying challenge, challenge information and data are available to Members. Premium Members can downloadable the Land Surveying Challenge 0001 pdf file. You can also purchase the Land Surveying Challenge 0001 pdf file on our store - Learn More.

The Challenge

You're surveying record parcel 2 in the Parkhurst Plat. Record parcel 2 is shown on the plat as being 100 feet wide by 100 feet deep. The northerly boundary of the Parkhurst Plat adjoins the Brownell Plat to the north. The endpoints of the shared common boundary between the two record plats are shown on both plats as being marked by stone bounds.

You find and survey the locations of several record monuments that are called for on both record plats. Specifically, along the common boundary between the two record plats, you find one stone bound near the easterly end of the line at Maple Street, but there are two stone bounds near the westerly end of the line (southeast corner Brownell Plat and northeast corner Parkhurst Plat).

You discover that the two record plats overlap and that the two stone bounds (1.5' apart) near the westerly end of the common boundary line, each represent a platted corner as shown on the individual record plats.

The overlap in the area of Parkhurst Plat record parcel 2 is approximately 1.5 feet. Where do you set the two rear corners?

Your Solution

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