Irish Book of Arms Genealogy Heraldry

Irish Book of Arms Genealogy Heraldry (Hardcover)Irish Book of Arms Genealogy Heraldry

Product Description
The first book to capture both the arms and family history of the old Irish Septs, and the newer 'settler' families from Scotland and England. Documented with Locations, Dates and Sources. The actual Color Coats of Arms and Blazons are included for many of the families, and many others are displayed in black and white exactly as they are found in the old works in the Irish Archives. Seats of power; forfeited arms; Extinct lines; Noble orders; Badges; and Peeresses are included, making this the most complete work of its kind.

About the Author
Michael C. O'Laughlin is the leading author in the field with over 12 hardbound titles in print, as well as the monthly newsletter, 'Irish Families', (since 1978). He also served as president of the Irish Genealogical Foundation and holds a large private library of Irish works. He is the author of the 'Irish Families' series of books, which stand as the largest genealogical collection of its kind.

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