High Tech Map Making In 1953 Video

December 4, 2013 in Business, Geomatics, Land Surveying, Land Surveying Equipment, Land Surveying Videos, Surveying Software, Technology Videos, Videos

videosYou could make the mistake of looking down your nose at the tools and techniques used in the Ordnance survey clip from 1953 shown below. However, before you turn cross-eye with all that snooty-we-have-better-technology attitude (I kid), I’d point out to you that the rate of technology change accelerates so quickly now that it may only take several years to outpace the improvements of the last 60 years.

Ordnance Survey Clip from 1953

Make sure you pay attention to the amount of time and personnel it took to make a map in 1953.

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  1. Eric, thanks for sharing this! It’s important to understand where we come from and appreciate the contributions of our predecessors. Still, my favorite part of the video has to be the off-hand remark that the computer is “helped by a girl” lol.

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