Hand Drawn Map Association

Check out the Hand Drawn Map Association site that collects interesting, get this, hand drawn maps. These range from very simple maps drawn on napkins, to much more intricate and detailed hand drawn maps.

Hand Drawn Map #74
Hand Drawn Map #74

Looking at these hand drawn maps, particularly the ones drawn on napkins, reminds me of the many meetings with builders and homeowners who produced the project concept on a cocktail or coffee-shop napkin. You'd be surprised at how many large-scale land development projects and business ventures begin this way.

Some of my favorite hand drawn maps from the site are:

In today's world of high-tech computer assisted CAD and GIS programs, it's good to remember that sometimes a more simple representation that communicates only the necessary information may be the best way to make your point. I'm not suggesting that you start delivering your survey maps hand drawn on napkins. The take-away lesson here is that, whenever possible, find the most simple method (but always professional) to display and communicate the necessary data.

I know you have some of these types of hand drawn maps and you can upload and share these on the Hand Drawn Map Association site. Feel free to email me any interesting or funny examples and if I like it, I'll post it, too.

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