Get My Traverse Control Sheet Professional Land Surveyor Productivity Tool

Buy Now! Traverse Control Sheet

Buy Now! Traverse Control Sheet

Traverse Control Sheet Professional Land Surveyor Productivity Tool

Today I’m excited to announce the first publication of my Professional Land Surveyor Tools series I’ve been working on, called the Traverse Control Sheet.

To kick things off, I’m also having a promotional price which is 60% off of the regular price if you purchase the Traverse Control Sheet before the end of the day, Midnight, Friday, March 26, 2010.

After Friday, the promotional 60% off price of only $1.99 will go back up to the regular price of $4.99. I am offering this promotion because I want all of you to benefit from using it like I have over the years.

This Digital Download is one of the many self-made forms and tools I’ve created and used over the years in my own professional land surveying business solving my day to day problems and frustrations.

The problem this tool solves is twofold:

  1. Provides one place to document and tie together your field data, traverse adjustments, and closure reports for hardcopy backup.
  2. Documents the structure of the survey control traverses and networks your survey field crews setup and provides a measure of quality control/quality assurance (QC/QA).

This Traverse Control Sheet came to be because of problems I was having with New-Hires, sometimes confused Long-Time Employees and needing a way to tie together what was happening in the field, what was being done with that data in the office and having very little way of documenting that process within the project folders.

Let’s go over those three problems one at a time:

  1. New-Hires. I’ve at one time or another hired new personnel who, as it turned out, required more training than I had anticipated. Most get it right, but there were a few who were challenged by matching numbers to points in the field, noting when they were using existing points, particularly when they originated from separate and unique projects (i.e. on different coordinate systems), and not making Closed-Loops sufficiently.
  2. Long-Time Employees. Less of a problem, but too sometimes making the exact mistakes noted above for New-Hires. This problem seems to be less associated with individual habits than it is for lack of coordination and attention to detail when operating two or more survey field crews simultaneously in your professional land surveying business and them not correctly identifying the origins, in that which projects, of the traverse station points they are using where tied into (or not).
  3. Project Documentation. We were having trouble documenting what were the traverse control points occupied, which EFB’s were used for traverse control, where that EFB came from, what project folder and CAD drawing (on the computer) it was located in, and what Survey Database/Network it was input into and adjusted and closed in. And, where and how to compile all of this information into one place for hardcopy project document backup. This last point becomes even more important when you go back to an existing project to work on it or extend your survey work, and while some of the information may be stored in your CAD program, like AutoCAD Civil 3D for example, the rapid changes and upgrades to most software package makes this even more of a problem!

This Traverse Control Sheet solves all of these problems by:

  1. Provides a place to document the project, client, field crew and field books (regular and electronic). No more trying to figure out what electronic field book goes to which traverse control network, and vice-versa.
  2. Provides a place for your survey field crews to identify and understand the traverse stations used to begin, run through, and end on.
  3. Saves office time by correctly identifying the initial backsight, initial station, final station and final foresight points, along with correctly identifying which points are unknown/new or are from a prior project.
  4. Easily Identifies unintended traverse Open-Loops.
  5. Easily identifies where additional survey control work, which may include GPS, is needed to correctly close Open-Loops/String traverses.
  6. Provides complete project hardcopy documentation and backup by attaching Closure Reports, Final Point Listings and printed Electronic Field Book (EFB) to this Traverse Control Sheet.

I’ve used this Traverse Control Sheet successfully for years. Survey Field Crews like it because they can check the work they're doing and can communicate better with the office personnel. Office personnel like it because it makes figuring out what was used in the traverse control network easy (try looking at an EFB alone and figure it out). I like it because it reduces data collection/input errors and saves time, which makes me a more profitable professional land surveyor.

Additionally, everybody likes the Traverse Control Sheet because when it is used and all of the Closure Reports, Final Point Listings and printed Electronic Field Books are attached it makes it super easy to understand the survey traverse control networks used, what Electronic Field Books were used and what CAD drawing/Survey Database/Network was used when you need to go back to a prior project – which reduces confusion, redundant work and saves time too!

Buy Now! Traverse Control Sheet

Buy Now! Traverse Control Sheet

Click on this link, or the image to the right, to purchase the Traverse Control Sheet Professional Land Surveyor Productivity Tool form and instructions in digital download format today at the promotional price of $1.99, before the price goes back up to the full price of $4.99 on Friday.

Remember to buy now and SAVE 60%  only until Friday!

Eric D. Colburn, PLS, "The Geo-Business Innovator", helps geo-professionals improve through innovative solutions, mastery of marketing and business growth strategies, and coaching/training. Eric is a successful, serial entrepreneur, podcaster, industry writer, product development consultant, and RI licensed professional land surveyor.

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