FCC Chairman Promises to Protect GPS from LightSquared Interference

Professional Land Surveyor News

Professional Land Surveyor News

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski tells reporters that the FCC will not allow interference to GPS from the proposed LightSquared hybrid satellite/terrestrial broadband wireless service.

At yesterday's press conference with reporters after the FCC's Aug. 9 monthly meeting, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski made very encouraging comments concerning LightSquared's January waiver concerning the more recent testing results showing overwhelming evidence of GPS interference from the proposed hybrid satellite/terrestrial broadband wireless service.

FCC / LightSquared in the News

BROADCASTING & CABLE -FCC on LightSquared: We Will Protect GPS:

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski told reporters Tuesday that the FCC was not going to let LightSquared's proposed hybrid satellite/terrestrial broadband wireless service interfere with GPS. Period. FCC officials later said that the commission may have to do more testing of a modified LightSquared proposal to address those interference issues, but gave no timetable for when it would make that decision... read more

THE HILL - FCC: No timetable for LightSquared review:

Federal Communications Commission officials said at a briefing for reporters on Tuesday that they cannot guarantee a review of wireless venture LightSquared will be completed by September. LightSquared has previously said they expect to receive FCC approval by mid-September to launch their mobile broadband network... read more

COMPUTERWORLD - FCC: We won't let LightSquared hurt GPS:

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission won't allow LightSquared's proposed mobile broadband service to interfere with GPS signals, even though the potential interference would be caused by GPS receivers picking up signals outside of their spectrum, a group of FCC officials said Tuesday... read more

FINALTERNATIVES - FCC: LightSquared Won’t Be Permitted To Mess With GPS:

Harbinger Capital Management’s ambitious plan to build a nationwide satellite broadband network will only be permitted to move forward if it can find a way to avoid interfering with global positioning systems, federal regulators said yesterday... read more

Voice your concerns directly to Congressional Representatives and Senators

If you are a concerned user of GPS, and rely on GPS in your professional land surveying business as a land surveyor or for GIS, it is important that YOU remain diligent in keeping pressure on the FCC.

The best way to do this is to voice your concerns directly to your Congressional Representatives and Senators. You can visit SaveOurGPS.org, where you will find instructions on how to contact the FCC and your Congressional Representatives and Senators.

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