Emergency AutoCAD Civil 3D 911: Point Inverse Video

AutoCAD Civil 3D 911

AutoCAD Civil 3D 911


In this AutoCAD Civil 3D 911 series article is available to all site members beginning at the (free) Associate Member level. Some names have been changed to protect the inquisitive. Submit your AutoCAD Civil 3D 911 request using the form at the end of this article.

AutoCAD Civil 3D 911: Myth Busting, Proving That You Can Inverse Points In AutoCAD Civil 3D!

This is a response to several online discussions on this topic, and not a question from one person.

I've read many web discussions by land surveyors arguing whether AutoCAD Civil 3D is a good surveying tool or not. One example, or myth, that is often stated, is that AutoCAD Civil 3D can't even inverse between points.

So, is this true? Can you inverse points using AutoCAD Civil 3D? Stay tuned, and I'll answer that question after the jump.

AutoCAD Civil 3D 911 Response

Eric's reply:

Let's just put this myth to bed right now, turn off the lights and whisper good night, once and for all. YES, you can inverse between points using AutoCAD Civil 3D!

Here's my video showing you how to inverse points in AutoCAD Civil 3D:

The Command Line code is: _AeccShowInquiry or ShowInquiry

Eric's Extra Tip

There are several other myths that I'll bust in the next few videos, but one more word about point inversing, while I've got your ear. I find that the best and most efficient method for working in AutoCAD Civil 3D is to work graphically. So, connect points, draw lines and curves, and then measure those lines and curves instead of inversing points. You'll find that you work faster while drawing your survey at the same time

Submit Your AutoCAD Civil 3D 911 Question

I hope this finally dispels the myth that you can't inverse points in AutoCAD Civil 3D. If you have an emergency, complete the  AutoCAD Civil 3D 911 submission form below:

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