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datugram3d photogrammetery made easy

DatuGram™3D The New Revolution In Close-Range Photogrammetry Software

DatuGram™3D is a new revolutionary close-range photogrammetry software that lets you make land surveying measurements, mapping, 3D modeling, and technical CAD drawings directly from images of regular cameras, at sub-cm accuracy. Whether you're doing UAV photogrammetry with a quadcopter, mount your camera on a telescoping monopole, or just stand taking pictures for a building survey, using DatuGram™3D, both field and office work of topographic and as-built surveys are made:

  • Easier 
  • Faster
  • Safer
  • Accurate

Surveying & Mapping Close Range Photogrammetry Software Using Regular Cameras

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DatuGram™3D is photogrammetry software made easy. There is no other close-range photogrammetry software as easy to use, fast and accurate as DatuGram™3D.

Using DatuGram™3D is as easy as 1. Shoot, 2. Anchor, 3. Datumate it!

  1. Shoot the survey area using a regular camera
  2. Anchor a few surveyed control points using conventional TPS or RTK-GPS
  3. Datumate it! Make your survey measurements and technical CAD drawings and measure new points directly on images

DatuGram™3D Video Playlist

Key Features of DatuGram™3D

  • For all types of surveys: topographic, as-built, etc
  • Photographing with regular cameras
  • Drawing maps and making measurements directly on the images
  • 1:250 scale measurement accuracy: better than 2cm for 18Mpixel camera from 150m
  • Three-fold increase in productivity in the field and the office
  • Quality control of field work: project on images points measured in the field
  • Automatic camera calibration module
  • Automatic association of images using state-of-the-art image-processing technology New!
  • Geo-referencing all images using a minimum of six control points, each marked in two images New!
  • Marking new points from only one image: point automatically found in other images
  • Geo-referencing and measurement accuracy visibly color-coded on screen
  • Exporting maps in DXF format to CAD software
  • Real-time connection with AutoCAD: real-time synchronization of drawing on images with open DWG file New!
  • Available in multiple languages

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System Requirements

Operating System Requirements
  • Windows XP Professional or Home edition (SP3 or later): (RAM: Minimum 2GB RAM; recommended 3GB RAM).
  • Windows 7 Enterprise, Ultimate, Professional, or Home Premium: (RAM: Minimum 4GB RAM; recommended 8GB).
  • Windows 8 Enterprise, Ultimate, Professional, or Home Premium: (RAM: Minimum 4GB RAM; recommended 8GB).
CPU and Hard Disk Requirements
  • CPU: minimum Intel core I3 (or equivalent); recommended I5.
  • Hard disk: minimum 10GB of free space; recommended 20GB.
Screen and Graphics Card Requirements
  • Display resolution: at least 1,280×768 with True Color; recommended 1,600×960.
  • Graphics card: at least 0.5GB, recommended 1GB
Connectivity Requirements
  • Available Internet connection for installation, activation and upgrades.
  • DXF file formats: DXF 2006 onwards.

Datumate recommends using digital cameras with:

  • Use a high-resolution camera (at least 18-megapixel).
  • Use a camera with a large CCD/CMOS sensor (larger than 100mm²).
  • Use a lightweight camera (body weight lower than 300 grams) with Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Use a wide-angle lens with a fixed focal length (between 8 and 16 mm).

Here are a few cameras recommended by Datumate: Sony Alpha ILCE-A6000, Samsung NS Mini, Nikon 1 J4, Panasonic Lumix DNC-GM1

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