DatuGram™3D Version 3 New Features Video

DatuGram™3D Version 3 New Features Video

DatuGram™3D Version 3 New Features Video

This video shows the major, new features in Datumate's DatuGram™3D Version 3

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DatuGram™3D Version 3 New Features:

  • Tie Points: Automatic association and linking of up to 50 images using image processing algorithms (homological tie points and bundle adjustment).
  • Less control points needed: Geo-referencing by marking control points on only few images: geo-referencing of all images in a cluster with only a minimum of six control points, each marked in two images from different angles.
  • Spit screen editing: Make faster edits in New Points using the split screen feature to drag and drop specific images to work with.
  • Manual Topo Points: Create Manual Topo Points for the first time.
  • AutoCAD Connect: AutoCAD integration for real-time synchronization of drawing on images with an open AutoCAD 2014 DWG file.
  • Generating blocks in DXF files: Blocks are automatically generated when exporting drawings to DXF file.
  • New 3D Viewer.
  • Overall improvement in performance.

DatuGram™3D The New Revolution In Close-Range Photogrammetry Software

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DatuGram™3D is a new revolutionary close-range photogrammetry software that lets you make land surveying measurements, mapping, 3D modeling, and technical CAD drawings directly from images of regular cameras, at sub-cm accuracy. Whether you’re doing UAV photogrammetry with a quadcopter, mount your camera on a telescoping monopole, or just stand taking pictures for a building survey, using DatuGram™3D, both field and office work of topographic and as-built surveys are made:

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