Connected: Basic Overview of Autodesk Quantity Takeoff (QTO) 2010

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Connected: Basic Overview of Autodesk QTO 2010.

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2 comments on “Connected: Basic Overview of Autodesk Quantity Takeoff (QTO) 2010
  1. Great demo mate! I work at Autodesk and notice that we don’t have anywhere close to this level of detail on this product’s online product center.

    I have a good friend who owns EK Excavating, in Sonoma CA. They use this very old point and click capture tool for all their estimating from hard copy blue prints. I am trying to determine if Autodesk’s QTO is the right tool for him to go digitial.

    I watched an overview (more of a demo) of Screen Take Off this morning as well, and it has some very simple aspects to it.

    Anyway, I think it’s great that you spent the time to record and post this.

    All the best, –sw

  2. admin says:


    Thank you for the good word, but it isn’t my video to take credit for. I am glad that my sharing of what I found is being helpful, though.

    I’ve never used QTO but I’m looking forward to using it and learning more about it. I hope that your friend can benefit from QTO and please comment back with how well it worked out.