Best 2 Marketing Ideas To Grow Your Land Surveying, Geomatics Or Engineering Business

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Growing any business takes time, effort and strategy. It never hurts to also add a pinch of passion and gumption to that recipe.

So, why is it that your land surveying, geomatics, or engineering business struggles to grow and never quite meets your expectations.?

In this Premium Members Only Post, I want to share with you two of the best marketing ideas to grow your land surveying, geomatics or engineering business.

As I write this, I'm thinking about why is it that companies like yours, companies that are technical based, struggle with the art, science and techniques of business? That topic is for another article, but without a doubt, this unease and (sometimes) ineptitude with business and customer-centric focus largely comes from lack of business training coupled with an infatuation with the technical!

Yes, you must be technically proficient and correct. It's important. However, that does not rise you above being a business wavy person with extraordinary human skills. Really, if you want to be a successful business person, you simply must have, or develop, business savvy and extraordinary human skills. You no doubt noticed that I said you either need to have or need to develop those skills. I say this from experience, as neither of those two skill sets came natural to me: I've developed a modicum of business savvy over the years through trial and error, while learning the finer art of being human, and cultivating relationships, has taken more work on my part. The one strength I did have from the outset was that I like to listen to others' stories, and find solutions to the problems they tell me they're having.

1. A Business Marketing Plan For Growth

The first part of having a really successful business is to develop a marketing plan with growth in mind. The simple truth is: if your business isn't growing, your business is dying. Status quo only stalls inevitable failure, and is expensive to boot!

Remember, every decision about what you will do next, how your time will be spent, is a decision about where you invest your money and how you make a return on that investment. So come up with a plan. Decide what it is that you want to do, as a business and not as a technician, to get the largest return on your investment of time and money.

Look at every choice you've selected in your marketing plan with an eye towards growth. Business growth is attained through various means, like:

  • Increase your customer base.
  • Add new services.
  • Expand your geographic area.

2. Content Marketing To Grow Your Business, Increase Sale Leads And Customers

The second part of having a really successful business is to develop relationships that pay the bills and grow your business. You do that by becoming customer focused.

While it's true that you're selling technical services and solutions, your customers still want to know that their money is spent wisely, and that they can trust and LIKE the business person they hire. They don't necessarily want to, or need to, like you in a friendly way, but you must be likable and human. The best way to do that is to be a resource. Customers have questions and you should have answers.

In the context of this post, the above concept of answering your clients questions - an ancient and time honored idea - dovetails perfectly with your marketing strategy and success with Internet search.

You can grow your business, increase sale leads and customers with content marketing. Your customers and the search engine algorithms both love high-quality and content rich articles. Deliver this high-quality, content rich material regularly and you'll be rewarded with ever increasing business opportunities.

Create great content that captures the interest of your potential customers, or brings back old clients, and gets indexed by search engines like Google. This can be hard-written into your web pages, or better, and what I recommend, upgrade your website to add a blog. I can  convert your website to do this and become a low cost, high sales lead generator.

The key is this: create content from the customer's point of view and not yours. Share interesting and relevant news and answer those questions customers always ask you. This helps them to find your company and build trust while getting their questions answered.

Contact Me If I Can Help You Build And Grow Your Business

In addition to working with you to create a better and more functional website, please feel free to contact me if I can help you with your marketing strategy or content creation.


I am a Professional Land Surveyor having over 25 years of experience in the land surveying and land development industries. I am also the president of Foster Survey Company, which is a professional land surveying company established in March of 1993. I provide expertise in performing expert professional land surveying services such as Boundary Surveys, Lot Surveys, ALTA Surveys, GPS, Subdivision Design, Condominiums, Septic System Design, Perc Tests, Topographic Mapping, Wetlands Applications, Construction Layout, Flood Certificates, Aerial Control Mapping and Control, Cadastral Surveying, GIS, Land Planning and Cartographic Mapping, to name a few. I have worked with and used many software packages and surveying equipment over the years. Currently I use high performance, quality and advanced high tech surveying equipment, computer systems and surveying systems. I employ the latest technological equipment including Robotic Total Stations (Leica TPS 1200), Global Positioning Systems (Trimble 4800) and AutoCAD Civil 3D 2010.

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