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You Don't Need To Be a Lone Wolf Anymore with Premium Membership!

Please join me, Eric Colburn, PLS, and become a Premium Member, where you’ll enjoy many Premium Benefits including Free Valuable Downloads.

If you've visited this site in the last few weeks you've noticed a new design, including a whole new and creative professional Premium Membership community. If this is your first visit, than welcome!

Do you feel as a business leader and professional that you're going it alone? You Don't Need To Be a Lone Wolf anymore with Premium Membership! Today's smart business owners and professionals know it's all about connections and community.

Traditionally, professionals probably spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year on professional societies, trade associations, continuing education, even seminars (And don't even ask what it costs in lost work and travel).

They'll happily spend more on a single society dinner meeting and travel, dubious seminar, or unrelated self-help book, than the fee for a whole month of Premium Membership. And it's well worth it.

I know that they spend this time and money because it's how they grow their businesses and improve themselves. All they're looking for is an edge, a single new idea; new marketing tips, new referral contacts, new business concepts, professional best practices. Exposure to other professionals, entrepreneurs and business leaders makes it a worthwhile investment of time and money.

They also know how contagious success is. When they dedicate spending focused time with other smart, successful business owners and professionals, they see measurable improvements and growth in their businesses and in their professional practices.

This Premium Membership community is about being passionate about land surveying, the industry, and our mutual history and culture. And there are a wealth of techniques, tips and tactics to learn from.

You'll find that the greatest growth in your business and professional practice often comes from direct interaction with instructors, mentors, authors, and other successful land surveyors.

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Want to hear more?

Here's a list of the benefits you can expect to receive with your paid premium subscription:

  • Special updates.
  • Free downloads (there's a hundreds of dollars in free downloads right now!)
  • Unique articles specifically created for Premium Members.
  • Additional exclusive email newsletter.
  • An exclusive setting that allows personal and direct interaction that one wouldn't normally share out in the open. So you get exclusive insights you wouldn't get otherwise.
  • Exclusive communities lead to better relationships and outcomes.
  • The "troll factor" is virtually eliminated, even at a very modest price.
  • This community is a group of committed professionals at all levels — the people who can accelerate your professional and business goals.
  • And finally, the simplest point of all: Not everything is free, nor should it be. Premium education, advice, and connections are valuable. If you don't see it that way, that's okay . . . but you likely won't fit in here.

Premium Membership - Community for Professional, Business, and Personal Development, Education and Advice

What is Premium Membership?

To sum it up, Premium Membership is an exclusive online community of professionals, at all levels, coming together for:

  • Professional Development.
  • Business Development.
  • Personal Development.
  • Education.
  • Advice.

Premium Membership is one part social, one part learning, and one part coaching.

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What is Included?

  • A cutting-edge social network:
    • Join and Create Groups (public, private, and hidden groups).
    • Join and Create Forums.
    • Post Updates to the Site's Wire.
    • Use "@ mentions", like on Twitter.
    • Send and receive Private Messages.
    • Activity Stream.
    • Add Friends.
    • Post Links to recommended stories and websites (yours, or others).
  • Premium blog posts, at least one per week, available only to Premium Members.
  • Two Free downloads per month of productivity tools, AutoCAD Civil 3D templates, training videos, white-papers .... (you'll find a list on your Membership Specials page available once you've registered and signed-in, and in special Premium Membership posts announcing special exclusive free downloads, like Free AutoCAD Civil 3D Templates. There are hundreds of dollars in free downloads right now!).
  • Free BlueBook professional or business directory listing with a link to your web presence. The Free BlueBook can be visited and seen by any site visitor to, not just by Premium Members, so it's great free advertising and a good way to build valuable backlinks to your website.
  • Free Professional Land Surveyor Podcast spotlight and interview (contact me for details).
  • Free monthly coaching (via Skype, phone, hidden private group, and/or email... your choice) with me, Eric D. Colburn, PLS, to help you in your professional, business, and personal development and growth to achieve your goals and attain success. Includes up to 1 hour monthly of private coaching.

What Does It Cost?

You get all the above benefits and premium content inside Premium Membership for the price of one dubious "seminar", and you get to keep all of your premium content downloads even if you decide not to stick around. If you do stick with your Premium Membership, it's only $19 a month.

If you were offered continual access to business-building and life-changing information and interaction, and told it would cost you less than a cup of coffee a day, you'd feel silly for saying no. That's what I'm offering with your Premium Membership, and it works out to less than $0.63 a day — and you're locked into that price for the life of your membership.

You'll earn back the small monthly fee (and more) from just one good business tip, one free download, one new professional relationship, or one new great idea or strategy. Odds are you'll be getting multiples of all three, each and every month.

Why Not Free?

Well, because free has its limitations:

  • First, we can share, learn, and grow in an exclusive community, giving you exclusive insights you otherwise wouldn't get.
  • Second, exclusive communities develop better relationships and outcomes, while virtually eliminating the "troll factor", even at a very modest price. We've seen it happen time and again. The Premium Membership community strives to build a group of committed professionals at all levels — the people who can accelerate your business and professional goals.
  • Third and finally: Not everything in life is free, nor would you expect it to be. Premium education, advice, and connections are valuable. If you see it otherwise, that's okay . . . you likely won't fit in here.

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Premium Membership is value-packed, professional, and friendly inside.

Starting your Premium Membership Account is easy and safe:

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  • If you're not thrilled with the Full Site Membership experience, just let us know via the clearly marked Unsubscribe Button in the Members Area. We'll promptly cancel your Full Site Membership up to the point you choose to unsubscribe, and you'll never be charged again.
  • Try Premium Membership Full Site Access With No Risk - $29 Per Month

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Eric D. Colburn, PLS, "The Geo-Business Innovator", helps geo-professionals improve through innovative solutions, mastery of marketing and business growth strategies, and coaching/training. Eric is a successful, serial entrepreneur, podcaster, industry writer, product development consultant, and RI licensed professional land surveyor.

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One comment on “Announcing Premium Membership with Premium Benefits Including Free Downloads
  1. EricColburn says:

    Hi everyone, just a quick note. Today I’ve added two free Premium Membership downloads worth at least $109, but free for Premium Members. The Free Premium Downloads I added are:

    TRAVERSE CONTROL SHEET v1.1 a $10 value,


    AutoCAD C3D Survey Essential Template Framework (2011) a $99 value (as on sale, normally $199)

    Let me know if you have any questions.