Eric Colburn

Eric D. Colburn, PLS

Eric D. Colburn, PLS

Eric Colburn, PLS, is a seasoned professional land surveyor, DatuGram™3D and AutoCAD Civil 3D consultant with over thirty years of experience. Eric is a successful entrepreneur, industry writer, product development consultant, RI licensed professional land surveyor, president of Foster Survey Company founded in 1993, publisher of EricColburn.com since 2008 and president of Colburn Strategic Partners, Inc. since 2013.

A technology and productivity evangelist, Eric often explores innovative tools and technologies to improve the productivity and profits of land surveyors and civil engineering professionals.

If you are interested in working with Eric, please visit his Work With Me Page.

Mostly, Eric loves being a Professional Land Surveyor! Whether it's performing the technical land surveying work, making professional land surveying solutions, or running a professional land surveying business, after nearly 30 years in the professional land surveying industry, he still finds the challenges rewarding and everything about land surveying interesting.

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Land Surveying & AutoCAD Civil 3D Consultant

Eric Colburn Professional Land Surveyor Revivalist & Adviser

Eric surveying on a Cold, Windy Day!

Professional land surveyors have a rich tradition and pride in their profession. Mr. Colburn shares in this love of our traditions and pride, being an unapologetic revivalist and adviser to those land surveyors looking to build on their shared traditions and community for a new, and better, land surveying profession!

"I look forward to working with you to improve your skills or your business. Whether you need help with surveying systems and procedures, AutoCAD Civil 3D, business development or marketing your services, let's connect and chart a course for your success!"

Eric D. Colburn, Professional Land Surveying & AutoCAD Civil 3D Consultant

Experienced Professional Land Surveyor

Eric Colburn Setting Up Robotic Total Station

Eric Colburn Setting Up Robotic Total Station

Eric Colburn is a Professional Land Surveyor with nearly 30 years of experience in the land surveying and land development industries. In addition to publishing EricColburn.com, he is also president of Foster Survey Company which is a professional land surveying company established in March of 1993.

Mr. Colburn is an expert in performing professional land surveying services such as Boundary Surveys, Lot Surveys, ALTA Surveys, GPS, Subdivision Design, Condominiums, Septic System Design, Perc Tests, Topographic Mapping, Wetlands Applications, Construction Layout, Flood Certificates, Aerial Control Mapping and Control, Cadastral Surveying, GIS, Land Planning and Cartographic Mapping, to name a few.

He has worked with and used many software packages and surveying equipment over the years. Current equipment and software tools include high performance, high quality and advanced high tech surveying equipment, computer systems and surveying systems.  At Foster Survey Company, Mr. Colburn employs the latest technological equipment including Robotic Total Stations, Global Positioning Systems and AutoCAD Civil 3D.

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Clients and Business Relationships

  • Datumate
  • Eagle Point
  • Wolfjohn & Associates, Inc.
  • Professional Surveyor Magazine
  • Flatdog Media, Inc.
  • Civil Design Group
  • Pals Geomatics Corp.
  • Santa Rosa Junior College

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  1. Jim Temple says:

    I love your website!! However, you never mention the city and state where you practice. Are you busy there?

  2. admin says:


    Thanks for your kind words and I love that you love my website!! It’s a lot of work, which I enjoy doing, but until the feedback comes in one is never really sure how well people like it. So far, the response has been awesome!

    I practice in Rhode Island and the business climate has been abysmal. I do see signs, though, that the economy is turning a corner and that things are improving.

    Thanks again for your comment. Please let me know what you would like to see more of, or what other areas I could be covering.

  3. Lai says:

    Dear Mr. Eric,

    I really impress with your website. There are many info I learn from you.

    Keep in touch.

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