5 Tips For Marketing Your Land Surveying Company Using Videos

YouTubeIn this Premium Membership post we'll discuss, as the title says, 5 Tips For Marketing Your Land Surveying Company Using Videos. I think that using videos is a fantastic way for you to connect with your existing customers. At the same time you'll be throwing open the doors for new customers to easily learn about whom you are, your message and how to do business with you.

First, I've collected a few YouTube videos I found with land surveyors marketing their services. I've tried to find a variety of approaches others have used to give you some ideas and inspiration. I'm using YouTube videos as examples, but there are certainly other video sharing services and sites, including you self-hosting your own content, which we'll discuss in another Premium Membership posts.

Carnes & Associates Surveying with GPS

Feldman Professional Land Surveyors

William J Suiter Land Surveying Inc

SurvTech Solutions Land Surveying & Mapping Tampa Florida

Randy Martin Land Surveyor - Surveying in Lexington, KY

Tim at Mike Canada Land Surveying

So, what do you think?

I wanted you to view these videos to see how other land surveyors are using videos in their marketing programs. I'm not endorsing nor condemning any of the above approaches, just sharing them with you for your consideration.

Like the above videos, a quick search on YouTube for land surveying company videos results in some that are more "produced" videos, some incorporate slideshows and music, some are more "educational" oriented, and some are, well how should I put it, more "homespun". What's the right approach? There's no saying, however, you have to make any element of your marketing and "outward appearance" "fit" with your message, company tone and brand "personality". In my opinion.

So, if you're an old, well established land surveying firm known for core old-fashioned values and a certain gravitas, then you'll probably find that a well produced, professional and businesslike video will suit your needs. If you're a new upstart, young, fast moving, technology driven company, for instance, then creating a more "hip" techno oriented, but well produced, video might fit the bill. Or, if your company is more defined by who you are, or by your employees, or if your "style" is more down to earth (but professional), then making more "personal" self-made videos that reflect your professional expertise and knowledge of your community, might be the way to go for you.

OK, so I'm sort of a have your cake and eat it too kind of guy (at least I try, nothing ventured, nothing gained), so why not do all three! You could have a professionally produced video to place on one part of your website, other videos that spotlight the technology you use and how it will benefit your customers, and more "YouTubesque" self-made types of videos to communicate your company's knowledge, culture and personality. Another time we'll discuss specifics of the when, how, and where to use and place these videos for maximum benefit.

I don't know about you, but my head is spinning with new ideas! Before we closeout this post, let me say right now that if you do create videos for your company, then please share them with me by sending me a note with a link, or by posting them as a Link on this site, which will also help to get your word out.

Without further ado:

5 Tips For Marketing Your Land Surveying Company Using Videos

  1. Find your voice: Find the appropriate voice and/or message for your company that dovetails with your marketing plan and your company brand. Then craft content and videos that accomplish your marketing and branding goals. We already covered a lot of this above.
  2. Choose your "format", make a plan and prepare budget: OK, so that's three things right there. But seriously, decide and choose what your format will be, such as, formal and professionally produced or self-created content. Plan for the how, where and when for getting your videos recorded and produced. Make it a project, just like any other land surveying or land development project you would normally work on. Dedicate time and resources to getting it done. And lastly, prepare a budget. Many types of videos can be self-made at very low cost. This is fine. However, if you want a slick professionally produced video, or videos, then you better calculate those costs into your plans.
  3. Create targeted content: Rambling topic-hopping content and videos is not an effective way to get across your message. Time is of the essence with videos as you're limited by how long they can be and by the short attention span of those who will watch your videos. So first, make a plan for each video, list what each video will accomplish and hone your message to those goals. Remember, it's in your best interest to produce many videos (over time) so you don't have to fit everything and be everything, in one video. As with all types of content, written or videos, you need to grab your viewer's attention early and right of the bat to let them know what they will get from staying with it and watching the entire video. How to create any content could fill up an entire book, so we'll spread that out over several post, but, remember this: Be professional, make it compelling, be authentic to who you and your company are, and make it work for you, your marketing plans and to further your brand.
  4. Include a call to action: Your video should have a desired outcome. In that, what is it that you want the viewer to do next? Do you want them to go to a certain webpage? Do you want them to fill out a certain form? Do you want them to buy a certain product? Do you want them to register on your site or for your newsletter? Whatever it is, you need to directly tell the viewer what the desired call to action is. Many sales are lost simply because we do not ask for what we want! So ask. If you are speaking, or there's a narrator, then direct the viewer to the call of action by saying, "Visit www.mycompanywebsite.com to learn more", or "Buy the XYZ product now by clicking the link below", or "Sign up for our free newsletter at www.mycompanyweb.com/newsletter", or "Now that you know a little about us, if we can be of service to you call us today at 555-1234". You get the idea. This is often placed at the end of the video, but it doesn't hurt to also include a call to action earlier in the video, too. And, you should always have your call to action printed in the video, like in the closing credits, even if you have a spoken call to action.
  5. Use many Distribution channels: Again, this is a whole topic unto itself and could take up many posts. In short, you need to have many distribution channels for maximum effectiveness. Your customers, both old and new, need to find you, so cast a broad net - you need to be where they are. In its most simple form, you could use these distribution channels: Your website (about me page and/or blog), YouTube (free video hosting, lots of people looking there...and much more), Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn....... These are all simple distribution channels to setup and use and they're free! You can also post your videos in the Links section of this site, too.

Please Contact Me If You Need Help

If you need help developing your marketing plan, branding you or your company, website design and/or content creation, how to develop your distribution channels, or want to work with me, then please send me a message or Contact Me.

Thanks and Be Brilliant,

Eric D. Colburn, PLS

Eric D. Colburn, PLS, "The Geo-Business Innovator", helps geo-professionals improve through innovative solutions, mastery of marketing and business growth strategies, and coaching/training. Eric is a successful, serial entrepreneur, podcaster, industry writer, product development consultant, and RI licensed professional land surveyor.

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