Month: June 2008

Book Review: Mastering AutoCad Civil 3D

Mastering AutoCAD Civil 3D 2008 is a must read if you are using, or plan to implement, AutoCAD Civil 3D. I bought this book last year and I refer to it all the time. Written by Dana Probert, E.I.T., James

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My Rating System

I will be reviewing books, software and equipment and I will use the following, land surveying related, rating system I’ve created: 1 ROD  = Not recommended. 2 RODS = Recommended with reservations. 3 RODS = Recommended. 4 RODS = Highly recommended.

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Resource: Between the Lines with Shaan Hurley

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GPS RTN Seminar

Today I attended the New England Section (NES)-ACSM Annual Meeting and RTN Seminar hosted at the University of New Hampshire. The seminar on Real Time Networks was given by Mr. William Henning, Senior Geodesist at the Spatial Reference System Division of

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Community College of Rhode Island Surveying Program Update

Below is an email I received today from the Rhode Island Society of Professional Land Surveyors (RISPLS) regarding the fledgling surveying program at the Community College of Rhode Island.   I want to specifically bring your attention to the sections that

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AutoCAD Civil 3D 2009 New Network Dialogue Box Issues

A few weeks ago I loaded AutoCAD Civil 3D 2009 and had problems when I tried to create a New Network in a survey database. The New Network Dialogue Box would open but I couldn’t enter anything. There simply wasn’t

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